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Thomas Hardiman III

Owner/Creative Director


I started developing game concepts in 2011, but I've loved playing games since I was 5 years old. As I got older I began to play games like Xenogears, Final Fantasy, Legend of Dragoon, and the tales series. I always had a love for anime like Dragon ball z and seven deadly sins. 

over time I realized that I didn't want to just play games anymore, I wanted to create them, so after my first few concepts, I decided in 2012 to actually begin my journey into game development.



Bachelors in Business Administration: Management 

Certificate in Digital Media: Unreal Engine 4


Engines: Unity 3D, Unreal Engine
Proficient: Microsoft office, communication, team building, and story writing.


Tyrone Anderson

Senior Game Developer


Tyrone came at a critical time with princess of galaxia's development. with a delay caused by the negligence of a previous developer, tyrone was able to help get princess of galaxia back on track. not only are we back on track, but on a better one. his expertise in all aspects of game development have transformed the entire outlook of princess of galaxia. 

His assistance has been vital, and most appreciated with ahrdymond's success. 

view more about him and his studio, Devoke studio below!




Devoke Studio

Devoke Studio Logo.png


Engines: Unity 3D
Proficient: Game Development and Web Development

Hazem Desoky

Character Development Director


Hazem started working with Ahrdymond to create the 3d version of evonne livodia in Princess of galaxia. he is also responsible for creating yavonne livodia. his assistance and expertise in character design has granted him position as Character development director. We are sure that with our continued collaboration, Ahrdymond will continue to create beautiful and unique characters.

View more of his work here

Hazem Desoky - Resume (

Hazem Desoky.jpg
hazem-desoky pic.jpg


Rendering, Shadingd, 3D Animation, 3D Modeling, 3D Visulazation, Texturing, PBR Texturing, and Cycles. 

Software proficiency

Substance 3D Painter

Moral Premature '
Ludfi Amriandi'

3d Modeler


When we originally started developing Princess of galaxia, we needed assistance creating characters. He actually first created Sharnay vanity, and once we saw how he could bring our projects to life, we immediately requested his assistance primarily with princess of galaxia's development.

He is good and meets deadlines, we're very glad that he is a part of the team.

Here is info below

ArtStation - Ludfi Amriandi


Done by Moral Premature



3D Modeling Expert

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