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Updated: Mar 6

The following masterpiece was created by IG: @click4art88, Twitter: @Demenarts88(Will). We call this the Ahrdymond Originals drawing. These are the first characters ever created in the Ahrdymond Universe; together we have overcome and persevered many obstacles.

Characters Featured:

Evonne Livodia - Princess of Galaxia

Sharnay Vanity - Tempted by Vanity

Tyme Essence - The Omni: 30 Nights

Yavonne Livodia - Princess of Galaxia

Charismatic Man - Owner of Ahrdymond Games

Hazem Desoky had a discussion with an artist named Louis Lin about using Starchild in an art piece. Once they agreed, Louis developed a magnificent scene with Starchild Galaxia training his agility with a ferocious possessed beast! It was absolutely amazing.

Please visit Louis Lin's website to see more of his masterpieces!

The following masterpiece was created by IG: @click4art88, Twitter: @Demenarts88(Will). It depicts a critical scene in Princess of Galaxia displaying the turning point in what changes the lives of the Livodians forever.

Evonne Livodia

Yavonne Livodia

King Seth Livodia

Starchild Galaxia

The battle for the throne artwork for Princess of Galaxia.

Evonne Livodia vs Yavonne Livodia

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