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Updated: Aug 6

The following masterpiece was created by IG: @click4art88, Twitter: @Demenarts88(Will). We call this the Ahrdymond Originals drawing. These are the first characters ever created in the Ahrdymond Universe; together we have overcome and persevered many obstacles.

Characters Featured:

Evonne Livodia - Princess of Galaxia

Sharnay Vanity - Tempted by Vanity

Tyme Essence - The Omni: 30 Nights

Yavonne Livodia - Princess of Galaxia

Charismatic Man - Owner of Ahrdymond Games

Hazem Desoky had a discussion with an artist named Louis Lin about using Starchild in an art piece. Once they agreed, Louis developed a magnificent scene with Starchild Galaxia training his agility with a ferocious possessed beast! It was absolutely amazing.

Please visit Louis Lin's website to see more of his masterpieces!

@louixlin | Lynkfire

The following masterpiece was created by IG: @click4art88, Twitter: @Demenarts88(Will). It depicts a critical scene in Princess of Galaxia displaying the turning point in what changes the lives of the Livodians forever.

Evonne Livodia

Yavonne Livodia

King Seth Livodia

Starchild Galaxia

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