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Princess of Galaxia's Inspiration

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

The following is a list of images for our team to reference and visitors to see how we plan to create the world of Nadia in Princess of Galaxia. The characters in POG were based off of the Oromo people and other african colonies to depict the African Fantasy world of Nadia.

The Oromo people are one of the oldest cushitic peoples inhabiting the Horn of Africa, as there is still no correct estimate of the history of their settlement in the region, but many indications suggest that they have been living in north Kenya and south-east Ethiopia for more than 7000 years specifically between Lake Chamo and Bale Mountains.

Different drawings and artwork found from team members helps us create an idea of what certain kingdoms will characterize. Certain kingdoms will have different architecture to differentiate between them. As Livodia has incorporated the color green to their Royalty representation whereas the kingdom of Airvene has the color silver as theirs.

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