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Evolution of Evonne Livodia

Updated: Mar 9

Evonne Livodia is the daughter of King Seth Livodia. She is slightly younger than her sister Yavonne Livodia, but the two are very different. Evonne is known in Livodia as the more logical, and calm princess. However, Yavonne is more arrogant, and emotional. Their power and agility as warriors is also phenomenal; where Evonne utilizes her speed to fight, Yavonne utilizes her leaping ability to fight.

As the story continues, Evonne and Yavonne will face a unpredictable obstacle that will force them to duel for Queenship. Evonne's defeat eventually results in her banishment from her own kingdom. Ironically her banishment will be the source of her reclaiming the throne.

Evonne was first created in 2020. The game was in early development, and everyone on the team was roughly new to the indie game industry.

Over the course of year, we continued to develop Princess of Galaxia, and Hazem (the creator of Evonne's image) recommended that we update the 2020 version of Evonne to make her more appealing. It was a skeptical discussion initially, but it was proven to be worth it. The updated version of Evonne resulted in her being voted in the top 100 Blender nation models in 2021. This model paved the way for the rest of Princess of Galaxia's characters.

This is the model in the playable demo

Evonne's image was used not only in the gameplay, but in artwork as well. Artwork that was created from Will, @click4art88

The final version of Evonne was created by Moral Premature and she is more realistic than ever in 2023. This version of Evonne Livodia will be available in the first chapter DLC of Princess of Galaxia.

These are updates with blendshaping and animations.

First Glance at Evonne Livodia.

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