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The Evolution of Yavonne Livodia

Updated: Mar 19

Yavonne Livodia, the eldest sister at 21 years old, is one of the most powerful warriors in Livodia. She has sworn to protect her kingdom at all costs. She is willing to sacrifice anything or anyone to protect Livodia. Although admirable, it is viewed as careless by her father, King Seth Livodia. Yavonne knows this and is secretly jealous that her younger sister is viewed as more fit for Queen in the future. This is not initially known by anyone until a traumatic event occurs where she takes advantage of her strength to officially become Queen of Livodia.

The first model for Yavonne Livodia was created in 2021 by Hazem Desoky. His amazing detail for her helped shape the way for her further development from Ludfi Amriandi in 2023.

Yavonne Livodia 2021

Yavonne Livodia 2023

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