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Updated Ahrdymond Games Website with POG NPCs

Updated: Jul 23, 2023

We have made major changes to our website. There were many organizational changes that needed to occur with our website, so we did a complete makeover. Now Ahrdymond is much easier to navigate and has much more information available to learn more about our projects, and about us.

Continue to support us through our journey as we continue to develop and grow as we all pray for our own successes in life. Allow us to provide you with the memories, fun, and learning lessons that you will enjoy from our projects in the future.

These are the young boys on Homoor Island; they mostly play and tussle around with each other. Sometimes they assist the adults with tasks that help the community. The boys can begin training for the Livodian army at this age, and once they become young adults, they can officially become soldiers.

These are a few Livodian civilians that reside on Homoor Island.

Adult male civilians will have their tasks to do throughout the island; from farming, fishing, chatting, to even a few casually training around the island. You'll notice the soft fabric that they wear represents the agility of the Livodian kingdom. This soft clothing unlike other kingdoms has a special material that allows the individual stay cool in the tropical area of Livodia.

Male civilians are typically responsible for gaining resources for the island. They need the assistance of the women utilize and cultivate the resources so that they're plentiful for the land and for their exports.

The young girls usually are seen assisting their mothers with cultivation, or assisting the men with their gathering ventures by providing food and supplies for them. In there free time, they often run in the fields and harvest certain fruits and vegetables. As they grow, they begin to seek their mates in adulthood, but are often placed around other young males that have more balanced chemistry.

For instance, more naturally aggressive girls are placed around the more aggressive boys to learn their differences strengths and weaknesses in similar situations. Boys training to be soldiers are placed around aggressive girls that run in the fields for competition to often compete with each other. Boys that are training to be fisherman are usually around girls that often gather bait for them to catch fish. The balance brings chemistry, and harmony; which evolves the young boys and girls to continue to make Homoor Island thrive with its' abundance of resources for the future.

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